1999-2004 New Edge mustang carbon fiber spoiler development

1999-2004 Mustang new edge carbon fiber spoiler ducktail duckbill

We are excited as our 1999-2004 New Edge mustang spoiler is coming along nicely. Though there have been some delays here and their we are finally close to having our prototype done and ready to be fitted to a car.

The process starts with a high quality 3D scan of the rear trunk of development mustang. Then from there we start to build the spoiler in a CAD software on top of the 3D scan. Once our design satisfiers the way we want it to look off the design goes to the mold makers. The mold makers take the file and CNC an exact mold out of a composite material for us. Then from there we make a prototype and ensure no changes need to be made.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we should finally have a prototype spoiler ready for test fitting.