New product 99-04 Mustang spoiler SN350

carbon fiber spoiler new edge mustang

New Product for 99-04 New Edge Mustang's is our all new SN350 spoiler. I am super excited with how this spoiler turned out after a long design process. Like our SN350 94-98 Mustang spoiler, this spoiler will be sure to give your 1999-2004 New Edge Mustang a more modern and aggressive look will still being American muscle.

Both our 1994-1998 SN350 spoiler and our 1999-2004 SN350 spoiler are inspired by the 2015-2017 Mustang GT350. I just thought that spoiler would look so good on these SN95 cars that we couldn't let the those S550 Mustang's have all the fun and good looks. Our SN350 spoiler truly looks like it belongs on these 99-04 New Edge cars. This spoiler will surely separate you from the crowd and will have heads turning and people asking questions.

1999-2004 new edge mustang spoiler

This spoiler will be a direct bolt on for 2001-2004 mustangs that came with the stock wing, no modifications required and uses all four original bolt holes. 1999-2000 cars will require new holes drilled as some of those models came with a different spoiler. Also if your car didn't come with a spoiler from factory we also recommend drilling holes to properly mount and secure this spoiler.

Our 1999-2004 New Edge mustang SN350 spoiler will be available in carbon fiber and paintable fiberglass versions.

99-04 mustang spoiler